RBIC Robert G. Heisermann Mentoring Programs

Our Inn has three separate mentoring programs.  Two of these programs run the length of the Inn’s year (starting in September).  The third is a special program specific to the annual Bar Exam calendar and runs for the two months preceding the bar exam.  

For the two full-year programs, we create mentoring pairs or “match-ups”, and then each match-up will select the program that works the best for them.  For the Bar Exam Survival program, we maintain a list of mentors who want to be a touchstone for our members taking the Bar Exam and create the match-ups each winter and spring.  

To update your information for the full year programs, please go to our Mentoring Intake Form:

To join the Bar Exam Survival Program, either as a mentor or mentee, please e-mail rhonebracket [at sign] gmail [dot] com.

For an overview of these programs, please see below.  Any questions or concerns about the RBIC Mentoring Programs should be sent to rhonebrackett [at sign] gmail [dot] com.

For more information about the namesake for the RBIC mentoring programs, please see the following link.

In Memoriam – Heiserman

The Full Mentoring Program (CAMP Sponsored)

The Full Mentoring Program is a mentoring program designed for match-ups that want a structured program, requiring 8 face to face meetings and around 13-16 hours of contact between September 1 and August 1 of the following year.  

If the mentee is an Associate Barrister in their first three years of practice and the mentor is approved by CAMP, the match-up can participate in the CAMP portion of the program, which can result in the match-up receiving up to 15 CLE credits (including 2 ethics credits).  (Mentees can receive credit the first time they are a CAMP Mentee, Mentors can receive credits the first time they are a CAMP Mentor during each three-year CLE reporting cycle.  Match-ups can participate more than once, but will only receive CLE when qualified.)  

The RBIC Full Mentoring Program has a number of supporting documents, which can be downloaded here:

(Non-CAMP Full Mentoring Program Match-Ups should use the “Design Your Own Plan” template to create their meeting discussion topics.)

The Virtual Mentoring Program

The Virtual Mentoring Program is the new name for RBIC’s on-going program.  This program runs from September 1 – May 1 and requires three in person meetings and otherwise monthly “virtual” contact via phone or video conferencing (such as Skype, FaceTime, etc.).